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Smart Eye Massager Air Compression

Smart Eye Massager Air Compression

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Smart Eye Massager Air Compression heated massage for tired eyes dark circles remove Massage Relaxation

1.180 degree folding design easy to carry in anytime you can give your eyes a best rest anywhere.
2.With Bluetooth design (can be connected to the phone to listen to random songs)
3.Gas double-layer circulation airbag massage is a simulation of acupressure points through the airbag
4.Multi-frequency vibration massage. Increase multi-frequency micro-shock massage, effectively provide massage effect and quickly relax eye muscles.
5.Far infrared constant temperature hot compress. It relieves blood vessels around the eyes and relieves eye fatigue quickly .

Applicable people
1.Primary and middle school students/myopic/people with brain overload and long-term eyewear fatigue
2. computer operators/accountants/designers/secretaries/teachers. Long time driving drivers, precision instrument workers and other workers with eyes and brain.
3. Stay up late with dark circles and bags under the eyes. Those who stay up too late playing mahjong, suffer from eye fatigue/dizziness, often suffer from insomnia.

The following groups are forbidden
1, Are pregnant

2, Are shortsighted over than 800 degrees

3, Are seriously glaucoma, cataract

4, Are under 7-year-old

5, Are sequela of apoplexy

6, Are eye injury, in the period of rehabilitation of finished surgery(double eyelid)

7, Were Glaucoma. cataract. retinal detachment and other serious ocular region surgery

8, Are suffering from serious eye inflammation

We advise you to consult with your doctor before using this device

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Massage & Relaxation


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Electric Eye Massager


Massage Relaxation


Eye Massager


heated massage for tired eyes


Smart Eye Massager

34 reviews for Smart Eye Massager Air Compression

  1. Avatar

    Георгий Соловьёв

    The order was waiting for a short time, delivered by The Courier. Cool thing, eyes really relax!

  2. Avatar

    Brian Hawkins

    Qood Quality. My wife loves it. Thanx.

  3. Avatar

    Гена Савельев

    I brought the courier IML, pretty soon, I’ll describe: in the area of the temples and eyes inflate in different order and with different strength of the micropads and very tangible, as if you press your fingers, under the eyes of the heating zone, probably from the bags, there is vibration, modes switch, always massage, and to choose heating and vibration, Vibration about nothing, music is better in droplets to listen, the compressor is more comfortable and more comfortable to shut down, made very high quality, nice to use, charging Taip S-weary Hood! When the migraine, the eyes hurt right!

  4. Avatar

    Аида Новиковa

    Vibration drive is weak. Heats and massages well. 2 times a day for 5 minutes 5 days relieves fatigue. Dosage can be picked up in health. The only negative is more Presses on whiskey, although with certain searches you can find a position in which it works directly on the eyes. Material and assembly quality

  5. Avatar

    Вадим Попов

    Well packed. Can be presented beautifully. Without stink and defects. Pleasant fabric to the body. For a man with a European nose is bad. There is a feeling that below the massage does not get. It works pretty loud. I do not see any meaning in music and Bluetooth (there is enough noise) We’re not. The heat is very pleasant. I like my eyes. good toy. Wonderful store and fast delivery by courier to door

  6. Avatar

    Nicole Payne


  7. Avatar

    Lachlan Wilson

    Awesum eye massager, was delivered very quick, will buy again

  8. Avatar

    Сабина Ермолинa

    Track number was not tracked, but delivery is quite fast. From China to St. Petersburg 10 days, the courier brought the parcel to the house, for which the store is separately many thanks! Although Ali showed that the parcel will come in 60 days. Now about the main: The massager is fine, the massages do fine, even the vision is improving ~ 0,3-0,5 units, in the family everyone liked, even those with vision all is well! Has 4 massage modes, warms well. Luftov there is no, nothing creaks, dresses on different heads well, adjustable belt. But there are also Cons: for someone who makes a massage too loud works the pump motor and stubs on. Music on Bluetooth. Music plays quietly, especially for sleep mode, so that you can sleep, the volume is not adjustable. But when you already fall asleep, periodic incl. Loud motor you will again, this is probably the most minus in sleep mode! Essentially the massager is excellent, but the pump motor works too loudly, if there was a quiet price he would not have! And so I recommend.

  9. Avatar

    Полина Григорьевa

    Delivery from Russia week. Better lying down, sitting on a bridge. In general, super!

  10. Avatar

    Ян Панов

    Great glasses! Warm well, massage is pleasant-it does not hurt. Press on whiskey and near the eye (not on the eyes themselves), vibration can be turned off, because the vibration comes from the compressor. Music plays, but it’s quiet. If glasses with Bluetooth, then massage can be passed without music.

  11. Avatar

    Mohamed Ruiz

    Of súper bien

  12. Avatar

    Bożena Kowalczyk

    Product not give you feel relaxed, poor fit face, more massaging skronie than eyes. General don’t recommend!

  13. Avatar

    Vicente Rubio

    Excellent! Fast shipping. I really like the combined massage works perfectly, I recommend it!

  14. Avatar

    Ryan King

    Very happy with this item , worth the money

  15. Avatar

    Ido Wolters

    Works perfect!!!! Within 2 weeks received!. What a relax feeling for your eyes, the music join and relaxation! I recommend this mask to, and the store also.

  16. Avatar

    Зоя Галкинa

    I liked it very much

  17. Avatar

    Ryan Thompson

    the heating is working well, but the eye air massage is not really feeling it on the right spot. it is very noisy. I can feel the heat massage. the time is set and can’t choose how long you want it to be.

  18. Avatar

    Robin Heinrich

    All as described, also Bluetooth… delivered quickly and well packed. Am very sufrieden. Thank you stores!

  19. Avatar

    Gustavo Montes

    Very cool, have a eye bags pneumatic that are pressing the region and periocular, gives small soquinhos and worry a little. The only problem is the noise making power to fill the air bags. Overall liked.

  20. Avatar

    Мирослав Кабанов

    We got the massager. Thank you so much. The quality of the goods is good, the store is sociable and friendly. Instantly answers all questions. Delivery to the door. True, there was a parcel for a very long time, more than a month.

  21. Avatar

    Vincent Johnson

    Delivery month. Track tracked. The packing is excellent, without damage. Glasses are functional, comfortable. The store and I recommend it.

  22. Avatar

    Dennis May


  23. Avatar

    Amber Janssens

    Very good!

  24. Avatar

    Вероника Владимировa

    Сомневаюсь в эффективности и пользе. доставка Сдек, все целое.

  25. Avatar

    מורן רום

    Штучка необычная. Буду пользоваться впервые вообще массажёром для глаз. Выглядит качественно, коробка как из под телефона, инструкция простая. Аппарат приятный на ощупь. внутри мягко. При закреплении на глаза захватывает область висков и получается такой интересный массаж головы на уровне глаз. Прибор вибрирует, жужжит, нагревается, что в принципе так и должно быть. Конечно вы в нём не уснете )) как я вначале думала. Там на глаза происходит давление, создаётся напряжение. Работают виски, глаза, нос.. и потом уффф.. выпускается воздух и повторяется массаж. Есть опция подключения музыки через блютос, все работает. Но это же не цель, музыку слушать.. Прикольно. Действительно прикольно. Ставлю 5 звёзд за все. Доставка быстрая. Рекомендую продавца.

  26. Avatar

    Roy Hansen

    vibration is weak, heating is Lukewarm, air cushion is useful. delivery is fast

  27. Avatar

    Mildred Welch

    괜찮네요 있어보임 성능도 좋고 배송도 빠르고

  28. Avatar

    אבי פרץ

    קבלתי את הזמנה שלי פעם שניה אני רוצה. לגיד המוכר הזה מאה אחוז בסדר אני מרוצה עם היה כל מוכרים אלי אקספרס היה כמו מוכר הזה הכול. היה הולך טוב אני ממליץ. תודה

  29. Avatar

    Петро Винниченко


  30. Avatar

    Timothy Keller

    Goods are good. Bluetooth connection works

  31. Avatar

    Christopher Reynolds

    Really good product. Air pressure also incredibly strong and warmer also fit. Especially the third, fourth mode is really cool to four. Seller ay too kindly to even more feel better right now.. Where present day if there or lipo and should know! Quality is so good. For satisfied this yes!!

  32. Avatar

    Austin Ross

    This product is the best eye massage product. It has a very good price merit and is very good functional. My eyes feel so comfortable and I love it. I usually had a lot of headaches due to high eye pressure, but after using this product, I really slept well and my headache was relieved. I really recommend this product.

  33. Avatar

    Katherine Soto

    this is very good quality massager!! reasonable price and kind store! I’m so satisfied. very comportable device.

  34. Avatar

    David Patel


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